Through hiking Making Tracks promotes the understanding, appreciation, and protection of our incredibly beautiful and unique backyard // Peak to Ocean // Australia.

From the Top End to Tassie, from the Bibbulmun to Mt Barney – and all trails in between.
Making Tracks brings together hikers passionate about our beautiful backyard.
With camera in hand and journal at the ready, we want to share our appreciation for our backyard in three ways.



Australia’s unique landscapes and huge biodiversity should be forever incredible. These special places are under the pump, and for every step of inspiration we receive we need to dedicate one to protection.

National Parks – both on land and on water – are proven to give our unique backyard the space and protection it needs to thrive as it has forever. Yes, they are places of wonder, of inspiration, and where most of our hiking is completed. But of most importance is the role of National Parks in ensuring that what we’re enjoying today will be here for those that follow us tomorrow.

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Long-Distance Hiking.

It’s a never ending journey. When one trail ends you’re already thinking of the next. It’s the lengthy days. The maps. The sun and the dust. Your gear and food condensed masterfully into your backpack. Where it all begins, overnight on the trail immersed in our big backyard.

Long-distance hiking in Australia comes in all forms – well established trails to gnarly water-sparse wilderness traverses.  At Making Tracks we’re driven to experience whatever the trail can offer, and share those experiences for the benefit of enriching Australian hiking culture.

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Hiking through unique landscapes grants us all with incredible opportunities to photograph its beauty. The Making Tracks Collection of photos covers overnight trails, national parks, and the simple benefits of nature.

Browse through our Photograph Collection here, and follow us on Instagram here.

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