Bush Ticks

To quote a classic line from an Australian movie I studied in high school: “You don’t vote to keep the best party in – because there’s no such thing. You vote to keep the worst parties out”

Politics. Even the word is enough to destroy a conversation, or belittle even the more intelligent or enlightened soles.

Every day we wade through the sometimes turbulent oceans of politics. The human politic – arguably self imposed but possibly a bi-prodcut of life eternal – is all around us. From the clothes that we wear to the streets of my town. From the way we learn to speak to the way we learn to eat. Everything is tainted by the hand of politics. Everything. If a human has interacted with the scenario it’s passed through the rhelm of politics.

It is for this unescapable reason I am intensely interested in the game of politics and the influence it has on the world around me. Since my now distant memories of adolescent hopelessness, through heavy punk rock exploration, to the now less in your face but far more active life I lead now – the state of our affairs, real affairs, has kept me thinking and guessing.

(So what makes the subject of politics so intense!?)


Now I could interpret my political surroundings as:

‘Leaderless, unimaginative, lazy, racist, immoral, environmental bandits, and nut bags with nothing but self interest and personal gain at heart’

Or, i could interpret it as:

‘Being a waste of time, nothing but a bunch of pricks who have no idea what it’s like to be an ordinary person. Pass!’

Or, how i actually do choose to interpret it:

‘A stage built on one of the firmest, and fairest, governing systems where equality and opportunity for everyone isn’t just a dream – it’s completely achievable. The climate is unstable, but this instability spells opportunity.’

Everyone has the fantastic chance to seize opportunity, envision what they want for their people and their patch of land and water.


The theory is sound and yet in practice there are a few massive obstacles to overcome to implement it.

These I started jotting down in dot point and the page exploded. I realised it’d need a lot more time, paper, and thought – wherein I would need to rummage through my book-suitcase (in the absence of a book shelf) for a slice of light reading, and in the end suffer to not do it justice at all. Typical.

For me, and that means for you, I believe that if we all grasped at this opportunity to make the scene a better place, we could and would. If we shared this intent with people in earnest – our friends, family, workmates, mechanics, nurses, bakers, and so on, you’d create it! You don’t have to have you masters in politics science – you just need to envision a sweet sweet world and share it!

The foundation principles of politics and our political system are simple to understand. The complexities are not.

The complexities are emended and politicians love to abuse this. Fact. They’ll summon up past quotes and distorted figures until the cows come home, and with a barrage of jargon they’ll send you packing confused or silenced. Remember they received their position after a life of talking and arguing their points to the level where the majority of people around them voted that they should be leader. So they’re skilled, but not invincible as they would have you think.


Because for every politician who slacks off at their job there should be a casual few thousand (to 100,000) people poised and waiting to find someone better.


Start small in three steps. Learn the system. Question the system. Shape the system.

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